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Thanks to ‘Haunted Trail’ supporters, volunteers

We would just like to take a moment and not only thank our entire group of volunteers, better known as "The Skull Crew," who have once again toughed it out in the cold and wind both Friday and Saturday evenings, but also all you folks who were brave enough to enter the woods of Woodlot Park. Because you keep coming back, we keep coming back ... stronger and better every year.

We’d like to give special thanks to local newspapers for their coverage; Reilly’s Collision Center; Deejay Mike Carlucci and the "Laser Light" show; Bob Copeland of Mastergraphx; All Star Dance Academy; Lysette’s School of Dance; Just Dance; South Brunswick Viking and JV cheerleaders; Stainless Steel; Capobi-anco’s ATA Black Belt Academy; and the South Brunswick High School dance team.

Our skull crew is listed below, and our apologies if we have forgotten to mention any names:

"Trail" — Tom, Carolyn, Melissa and T.J. Dardani; Corey Haugland Jr.; Vicki Haugland; Kenny, Gina, Sara and Elizabeth Bagala; Claire Campbell; Ray, Angela and Ramon Cruz; Joe Bianco; George Culver; Harry Moss; John Himmel; Chris Olson; Bernadette and Allison Vasile; Jim Eby; Roxanne and Amanda Olson; Angelina Hesse; Bobby, Melissa, James and Brian McElroy; Kristal Olson; Nick Trimble; Jeramie Young; Andrea Berke; Debbie Breen; Jeff, Kevin and Lisa Carlisle; Vinnie, Sandi and Ted Ficarra; Frank, Bev and Celia Alameda; Liz Miller; Nicole Fillbrunn; Robin Scott; Nancy, Bob and Adrian Duino; and Linda and Tom Frusciano.

Also, Brian and Diane Fisher; Steve Ondrejack; Scott Biri; Rich Jenoricki; Don Rodner; Jimmy and Alma Williams; Mike Cleary; Chris McGinnis; Wes Giles; Mike Hollander; Jim Rosetta; Irv and Maggie Goldberg; Heather Sweeney; Laura Smith; Sharon Missic; Jamie Sillett; Heide Bauer; Panton Seltzer; Brian and Scott Low-Beer; Dan Weis; Mike Gorman; Paul Lenzi; Mike and Theresa Cazella; Randy Degroff; Sandy and Mike Belloff; Debby and Ray Parris; Jenny Johnston; Thomas Koch; Brian and Laura Whalan; Courtney Whalan; Charles Nixon; Kathy Kelly; Mike, Barbara, Eve and Casey Crawford; Kate Battle; Sherry Sturman; Dave Schultz; Paul Katcher; Zac Nieman; Mike Jasman; and Jim Capps.

Also, Ted VanHessen; Jeff Seigel; Al Kady; Frank and Laura DeNicola; Lisa Coleman; Jim Loughlin; Dan Seigel; John Loughlin; Justin Laszlo; Charlie, Maureen and Joe Collick; Lisa Hall; Charlie Collick Jr.; Katie Collick; Chris, Desiree and Alyssa Perez; Tim and Donna Corris; Sharon Pellicane; Vera Swenson; Audrey Sudran; Laura Sondej; Bill and Barbara Kolsar; Jerry Guthlein; Gail Harkins; Brian Massa; Alex Broder; Norman Luck; Mike Kapalski; Ricky and Sue Scherer; Sean and Sheri Sidoti; Eric Marnieks; Greg, Doug and Chris Weber; Chris Olsen; Leila Barnard; Jimmy Ellison; Lori Capps; and Tori and Tara Capps.

"Hayride" — Karl and Kim Berkuta; Bill and Sue Thompson; Walter and Patty Reilly; Dave and Trevor Michie; Billy and Katie Thompson; Marla Paradowski; Judy Nemes; Jamie and Jim Farrell; Ted Van-Hessen; Kyle Goodwin; Kyle Piorkowski; Lauren Thigpen; Sean and Margaret Kath; Skip and Patty Wert; Scott Previte; Kelley and Jessica Berkuta; Jacque Davis; Amanda Schulman; Jonathan Schulter; Keith Stryker; Bill Kish; the Smothers family; Jerome Newberry; the Eisenmann family; the Wagner family; Louis and Alex Hernandez; Kevin Shiffner; Kevin Manning; Patrick Jenkins; Jimmy Allen; Richie Voorhees; Jeff Russo; Chris Kopliner; Albert Puchalek; Pete Madden; and Mark Hofer.

"Project Graduation" — Debbie Birl; Roger and Carol Cantoni; Danielle Corris; Kathy DiTuro; Sue Gallo; Bob Gazalle; Laura Graziano; Pamela and Kamel Kardosh; Lauren Marcus; Judy Matolka; Debbie Miller; Mindy and Alex Purdon; Cindy Rodner; Linda and Mark Surks; and Alma Williams.

We must not forget the continued help and support of South Brunswick Township for sponsoring this event, South Brunswick Public Works, Parks and Recreation, South Brunswick Police Department, South Brunswick Fire Prevention, South Brunswick Board of Education, Kendall Park Fire Company, Kendall Park First Aid and Rescue Squad, South Brunswick Citizen Police Academy Alumni Association, Project Graduation, Kim and Karl Berkuta (South Brunswick Contracting), Von Thuns, and PSE&G.

Combined proceeds for donations will be $20,000.

The Haunted Trail proceeds will benefit: Project Graduation, $6,000; The Sept. 11 Community Fund, $5,000; Make-a-Wish Foundation, $1,000; Kendall Park First Aid Squad, $1,000; and Newspapers in Education (NIE), $500.

The Haunted Hayride proceeds will benefit: The South Brunswick F.O.P., $5,000; The South Brunswick P.B.A., $1,000; and The Sept. 11 Community Fund, $500.

Thank you all for coming out to the event to make this possible. This could not happen without you.

Tom and Carolyn Dardani

Monmouth Junction section

of South Brunswick

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