2013-08-01 / Business

North Brunswick’s Transit Village is about to become a reality

For years one has driven up and down the Route 1 northeast corridor in North Brunswick and seen a large sign on the old Johnson & Johnson property stating “Imagine a Train Station Here!” Well, the wait is finally over. The New Jersey Transit station in North Brunswick is about to become a reality.

All homeowners and businesses in North Brunswick and surrounding areas stand to benefit by the new Transit Village. Construction has already started on this project, which will include retail and residential development, loft-style living, mega shopping, and smart growth, all surrounding a train station. For additional information, visit www.ourtowncenter.info.

The new station, with its 1,000-footlong platform, will handle 12-car train sets, and it will be the first NJ Transit station on the Northeast corridor since Secaucus Junction in 2003 and Hamilton in 1999.

From south to north, the station would follow Princeton Junction and precede New Brunswick’s Jersey Avenue Station. The stretch between Princeton Junction and Jersey Avenue is the longest gap between stations on the Northeast Corridor Line. This new station will fill the gap.

“Gloria Zastko, Realtors is a proponent of this project and we are thrilled to see it become a reality. We feel this will be a tremendous asset to North Brunswick as well as all of the surrounding communities. In fact, many North Brunswick residents will be able to walk to the Village to do shopping and to catch a train right into New York City or Philadelphia,” stated Gloria Zastko, owner of Gloria Zastko, Realtors, North Brunswick.

Gloria Zastko, Realtors is located at 1582 Route 130, North Brunswick. For more information, call 732-297-0600.

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